The Ultimate Fan Survey

Are you one of the lucky fans to win a home shirt?

By BHAFC • 01 May 2020

By Linton Rogers
The Ultimate Fan Survey.

Ever wondered which Albion player has the most pairs of trainers?

Or which former player is the best at DIY? Neither had we until lockdown came around, so we thought we would find out. But instead of asking the players, we asked our fans to tell us.

To find out the answers to these and many other Albion-related questions which you might never have thought to ask, keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram channels over the next few weeks.

Remember it is just a bit of fun and some players may disagree with the results, but it is our fans’ opinions that count this time around!

So, which former player would Albion fans would most like to grab a pint of Harvey’s with, which current star is the fastest swimmer and what ground is the favourite away destination of the Albion faithful?

Hundreds of supporters completed our Ultimate Fan Survey and five were selected at random and have won themselves a 2019/20 home shirt.

Congratulations if your name is listed below. You’ll receive your shirt as soon as possible.

Darren Blanchard

Jack Stephenson

Ashish Philip

Ryan Riddles

Peter Evans

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