Looking to make a difference

Players on the Albion As One initiative and the good causes they hope will benefit.

By Bruce Talbot • 30 April 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Glenn Murray and the squad launched Albion As One with a six-figure donation.

Albion players say they are ready to contribute to any schemes that can make a difference to charities in the city and around Sussex.

The squad kicked off the Albion As One initiative with a six-figure donation and they will help to decide which good causes that the scheme benefits.

Glenn Murray, who led the response on behalf of the players with skipper Lewis Dunk, outlined some of the charities they would like Albion As One to benefit.

He said, “There are two. The NHS fund to help the staff at the local hospitals who are doing an amazing job and putting themselves on the line for us.

“It was important to make sure they have places to stay and food to eat while they are rushed off their feet with not enough hours in the day.

“The other would be the children’s charities, such as Chestnut Tree and Rocking Horse. We do a lot with them in general, but I think a lot of their funding has hit the buffers because of the current predicament.

“They’ve always got fundraising going on but a lot of it has been cancelled. Those guys are struggling so it has been good to help them out. “


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Murray on Albion As One initiative

Skipper Dunk added: "We felt it was time to give back to the community in ways we think could be beneficial and to causes which are close to our hearts."

Steven Alzate is also involved in a project to help people suffering in Colombia but says he is happy to assist initiatives such as Albion As One which are nearer to home.

He said, “Brighton are known to be a community club and have a great group of lads who are always ready to contribute to anything. When the idea was mentioned everyone got behind it. We were all happy to do our bit.”

Dale Stephens explained how Albion As One got up and running.

“Glenn initially brought the idea to us after we’d had a Zoom training session together, to do something for the local community in Brighton and throughout Sussex who obviously supported the club for a number of years,” said Stephens.

“We realise the difficult circumstances that people find themselves in at the moment. We’re in a more fortunate position than most and together, led by the senior players including Lewis Dunk and Glenn Murray, we decided to do something to help.”