Kenyan kids get kit boost from Albion

Albion colours are being proudly worn schoolchildren in Kenya thanks to a donation from the club.

By Bruce Talbot • 11 February 2020

Children of Kiptenden Primary School in Bomet County in Albion kit.

Shirts, shorts and other items were sent to the Kiptenden Primary School in Bomet County in the south-west of the country as part of an initiative set up by the UK charity Dig Deep and Starlizard Integrity Services.

Kiptenden has a reputation for producing high-quality sportsmen despite its rural location and Dig Deep recently improved the water and sanitation facilities in order to help reduce disease and illness among its 398 pupils.

Operations Director James Haughton said, “Dig Deep became aware of Kiptenden producing national-standard sportsmen for Kenya despite the poor conditions. The toilets allowed flies to spread disease and they drank fetid water from a pond shared with livestock. The rainwater harvesting project and the new toilets will keep children in school, learning instead of being sick at home, and will also allow them to continue to excel at sports.

“We were so delighted to pass on the kits to Kiptenden when we opened up the new water project and no doubt inspire the team to greater heights. On behalf of Kiptenden and Dig Deep we would like to thank Brighton & Hove Football Club for their generous donation.”

Starlizard Integrity Services provides integrity solutions to sport’s governing bodies and other stakeholders in order to support them in the fight against match-fixing in sport. Spokesman Affy Sheikh said: “We’re delighted that once again the club have been kind enough to donate kit to the charitable and community organisations that Starlizard Integrity Services partner with. It makes a tremendous difference to these deserving causes and it’s brilliant to see such a positive impact across a number of communities.”

Albion’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Mullen said the club was pleased to help. “The school has a remarkable reputation for producing top-class athletes despite the conditions there. These have now improved thanks to Starlizard Integrity Services and Dig Deep, and we were delighted to assist with a donation of kit.”

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