Scheuer: I believe in the strength of my team

Head coach reflects on important point away from home against Aston Villa.

By Heather Miller • 04 February 2023

By Kyle Hemsley

Jens Scheuer was delighted after his squad picked up an important point against Aston Villa in the WSL following a 1-1 draw at the Poundland Stadium. 

A second-half goal from Julia Zigiotti gave Albion the equaliser as Albion made another positive stride in the right direction.

"If you can catch a point in this situation we will take it. I'm really satisfied that we were playing on the level like Aston Villa," he said.

"For me, the point is really deserved, the draw was fair and it was massive for us in the table. Aston Villa are a really good team with good players but we were also a strong team."

By Kyle Hemsley
Julia Zigiotti makes Albion's rare attack count as she fires into the bottom right corner.

The Albion boss recognised the challenges in the first half presented by Villa but insisted that his side showed resilience in the second period to fight back and gain a key point. 

"We expected Aston Villa to put a lot of pressure on us and we had to work hard on our defence. We conceded and own goal and maybe we should have been more brave there," he added. 

"At half time we changed our formation, I then saw an Albion team who were the better side in the second half. I said that we should be brave. We had to believe in our own strengths, I'm really happy that we changed the mentality in the second half and I believe in the strength of my team."