Alzate: It's great to learn off Lallana

Colombian midfielder learning from former Liverpool man.

By Charlie Hanson • 03 February 2022

By Paul Hazlewood
Adam Lallana has made 18 Premier League appearances so far this campaign.

Steven Alzate has labelled training with Adam Lallana ‘an honour’.

The 23-year-old believes there are similarities between the two midfielders, but Lallana’s experience is something he can really draw on.

“We’re very similar in terms of being technical players; we’re good on the ball and training with him every day, you learn new things. On and off the pitch he is a leader and when he’s got the ball at his feet he can really show people what he can do. Training with him is an honour, he’s a great guy.

By Paul Hazlewood
Steven Alzate shields the ball from N'Golo Kante.

“Like Adam, my composure is one of my best traits. That’s how I am as a player and as a person – quite chilled and laid back.

“I like to keep the midfield ticking over, I don’t mind working at either end of the pitch. I want to start helping with more goals and assists, but overall I like to make sure the midfield is being run well.”

The former Leyton Orient midfielder still only has one Premier League goal to his name – the winner at Anfield in January 2021 – but his opening goal of the current campaign won’t be brought on by calls from the Albion crowd.

By Paul Hazlewood
Adam Lallana and Steven Alzate celebrate Danny Welbeck's late equaliser against Chelsea.

“I am not often in the right position to shoot, and so when the ball falls to you on the edge of the box and the fans shout 'Shoot!' it doesn’t always mean it’s the right time to do so. If you shoot from those positions, the odds of you actually scoring are very low – and if the keeper gathers it quickly, the opposition can counter on you.

“A poor shot is a mistake and can quickly cost you. I like to shoot when it’s the right situation, but when I play in defensive midfield I am not going to be in those positions. It’s not like I don’t like shooting!”