Ashworth hails 'brilliant' staff reaction

Technical director Dan Ashworth has praised the professionalism and application of the club’s staff during the coronavirus crisis.

By Alex Stedman • 10 April 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Technical director Dan Ashworth.

Ashworth explained how both his and the staff’s jobs have changed in recent times, reflected on the positive approach everyone at the club has taken and highlighted how technology has been important.

He said, “Human beings tend to be resourceful; the staff have been brilliant and carried on their work in the best way we can.

“The job changes from a hands-on job to a remote one, but that’s quite insignificant compared to what people are going through in wider society. 

“Modern technology allows us to connect with all our staff and players to communicate with them. We’ve had staff meetings of all sizes, so we can go on as business as usual.

“In adversity players and staff come closer together. We’ve had some really good dialogue with players and staff alike.

“We made some sessions optional and three-quarters tuned in to communicate with one another, that was really great to see. We’re all being tested at the moment, but I would say the relationships are stronger than ever.”


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Barber & Ashworth press conference

Ashworth also spoke about the decision to give the players some time off between now and 1st May, with several having gone back to their respective countries.

“Initially we were going to resume towards the end of April, but that’s now been put back.

“We feel that we need to have the players back in training for around four weeks before any football resumes. 

“If the situation changes then we’ll reconsider, but we had to have some sort of date to work towards and having been given guidance that’s what we decided.”

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