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Hughton: Manchester City One Of The Best

29 September 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton has praised Manchester City’s style of play, and believes they are one of the finest teams to have graced the Premier League.
Albion will go head-to-head with the reigning Premier League champions on Saturday, and Hughton commented on the well-drilled nature of City’s possession-based game.
He said, “They are right up there [as one of the best] with a way of playing that goes right back from the goalkeeper, and the way they do it is very special.
“The more you watch Man City and the way they play, the more you learn that they have individuals that can produce a number of special moments and there’s no coincidence about the goals they score.
“They have a way of playing that is put into practice on the training ground, particularly the way the full-backs get forward, and that’s not something we’ve seen so much of at this level. As a team, they are very special.”
Hughton dismissed the notion that City may be distracted by the Champions League trip to Hoffenheim on Wednesday, and commented on the overall strength in depth of Pep Guardiola’s squad.
“I don’t think they do distractions, but if I’m looking back at when Pep’s teams are playing Saturday-midweek, it wouldn’t change too much.
“When you look at the team they put out in midweek, and with all due respect to Oxford, they didn’t have to go that strong. The way they work is always about focusing on the next game.
“I still think that their priority is to win the league, but there’s no doubt that because of their participation in the Champions League, they will want to win it as quickly as possible.”

The Seagulls boss also explained that he’s been satisfied with Albion’s start to the campaign so far, but admits he’ll have clearer picture once Saturday’s game has passed.
“After the Man City game, we’d have played seven times, four games against teams from the top six with the other three coming against Southampton, Fulham and Watford.
“At that point we would have got through a tough start and managed to progress past those big games. We’ve beaten United, were close at Liverpool and against Tottenham too, after giving away a poor penalty.”

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