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Hughton On: West Ham United

By Kieran Cleeves • 04 October 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton spoke to the media ahead of Friday night’s game against West Ham United at the Amex Stadium, and here are some of the key talking points from the pre-match press conference.

Sky Sports News reporter Mark McAdam asked..

It’s obviously been a tough start, but is it important to remember the games you’ve played? The likes of Liverpool away, Manchester City away and Spurs at home.

“It’s really important to put it all into perspective. There will certainly be lots of other teams that go there [Manchester City] and the scoreline will be bigger, but it doesn't stop the disappointment.

“You want to get points in every game and put a performance in, so the disappointment is never any different.

“But you come away from that and do have to put it into perspective. In our seven games, we’ve played four of the top six and two of the other games have been away from home.

“We now go through a period of games where two of our next three matches are at home, and what we have to be able to do is capitalise on that period.”

McAdam went on to highlight the 2017/18 meetings with the Hammers…

When you look back to last season — two wins against West Ham and six goals scored — I’m sure you’d be happy with something similar again on Friday night?

“A win is the most important thing. Even thinking back to the away performance at West Ham last season, they started the game very well and got a lot of crosses in, but it ended up being a game of moments.

“Jose [Izquierdo] scored a wonderful goal and we scored from a free-kick, and probably over the course of the game we didn’t deserve the 3-0 scoreline.

“But we were clinical that day, and what we’ll have to get back to is creating those moments where we can be clinical again.

“It’s good to be back home, we expect nothing short of a really tough game against them, but if we can get back to good form it gives us a chance.”

Premier League Productions reporter James Buford then questioned Hughton on Albion’s top goalscorer…

Is Glenn Murray the fine wine of the Brighton side? Is he getting better do you think?

“If I’m looking over my time here, I haven't seen that much difference between Glenn in the Championship and Premier League.

“What people would naturally think is that when somebody is getting older, having done well in the Championship, they would find it much harder in the Premier League — that hasn’t been the case with Glenn.

“Sometimes the fact that there’s less games helps. It gives him more time for recovery and he certainly looks after himself very, very well.

“He’s somebody that wants to play on for as long as possible. He’s not somebody that misses a lot of training either, so we just hope he can continue that for as long as possible.”

Burford quizzed Hughton further…

You’ve obviously seen lots of improvements in the team over the last few weeks, but where do you think you still need to improve to reach the level you want to be at?

“We’ve probably conceded more goals than what we did at this stage last season, but we’ve played four of the top six.

“Particularly against the top sides that we’ve played, I would have liked to have seen us keep possession a little bit better.

“Sometimes keeping possession can be for possession’s sake. When you’re playing against the bigger teams, the more possession you have means the less possession they have.

“The more possession those types of teams have, it means they can really hurt you.

“I’m not too disappointed with what I’ve seen so far this season, but we need to improve our general game. I’d like to think the fact that we’ve got a few home games coming up will give us an opportunity.”

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