Fan Advisory Board

Fan Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce the eight representatives of the Albion Fan Advisory Board:

  • Nigel Summers
  • Gillian Martin
  • Allison Brett
  • Niraj Haria
  • Ian Hine
  • Simon Sheppard
  • Clive Steed
  • Natalie Banbury

The new board will first meet at the end of June. Future meetings will include some of our most senior executives, including one with the main board of directors, to provide feedback on various fan issues.


Read more about your representatives:

Men's Season Ticket Holders

Nigel Summers

My father took me to the Goldstone for the first time in 1969. I became a season ticket holder in the 1970s, then at Withdean and since then at the Amex. I estimate to have held a season ticket for some 40 of the 53 years I have been a supporter.
I was closely involved with the movement to secure the future of the club in 1996/97, some of which is detailed in the book Build a Bonfire.
I have lost count of the number of games I have been to but have seen The Albion play at over 100 away grounds over the years.
For the past three years I have been Chairman of the Brighton & Hove Albion Supporters Club.
I got married and relocated from Hove to Lancing in 2020 and retired from full time employment in Sales & Marketing last year. 
I now work just on Tuesday's in a pub in Shoreham and on matchdays at the Amex Stadium shop.


Gillian Martin

I have been supporting BHAFC for 30 years. We won the Withdean Wager at Gillingham and decided to put the money back into the club. We sponsored Gary Hart’s away kit - a commitment which continued for many more years than we expected! I really enjoyed being close to the club. We felt that our time and money made a huge difference which it probably did at that time. I’d like that sense of being part of the club part again which is why I’m applying for this role. 
I live in Cowfold and am a member of the North West Sussex Seagulls(NWSS). We travel to matches on a supporter coach and get involved with other NWSS initiatives. We try to get to at least 2 away matches each season. I am 57 years old and semi-retired. I am married to Bryan - a lifelong Seagulls fan. 


Allison Brett

My name is Allison, I have enjoyed watching football all my life and became a fan of Brighton after meeting my husband Tim, a lifelong fan. He told me all about the history of the club and we were living in Kent when the new stadium was being built and when we decided to move back down to the South Coast we went onto the season ticket waiting list. In the meantime we went to the games by buying tickets when we could. We have been in the East stand for 3 years and absolutely love it there. I would like to spend one season in the North stand but I am worried I would not be able to return to the current seats which are perfect and surrounded by fantastic fans and various friends too. We aim to travel to the match using a different combination of routes and transport options every time. Our favourite so far is bus and train there from Saltdean and walk back - this is especially good now that the new Falmer road track is open. For us its about the whole experience as well as the match itself. We have recently started using Dick's bar and the atmosphere in there before the game is just brilliant!
Football is a great way to spend time outside of my job as a Distribution Centre Manager in the healthcare industry.


Niraj Haria

I’m 52 years old. From Kenya, and lived in Brighton since 1990. Studied electronics at University of Brighton. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 6 years now, as has my Son, daughter. The Albion have been fantastic to me before my disability and definitely after. They looked after me when I was in hospital for 9 months. They’re approach to fans is second to none. The stadium is so family friendly and is so very accessible. I’m always singing it’s praises. I love the pies. The food and drink is reasonably priced and travel to and from the stadium is very easy and efficient.


MyAlbion+ Members

Ian Hine

I have been supporting Albion since 28th August 1968, when I saw my first game, aged 9, against Torquay United at The Goldstone in Division Three. I’m now married with four grown-up children, all of whom have been ‘instructed’ in my love of the club (with varying degrees of success, it has to be said!). After travelling home and away in the late 70s and early 80s, my work took me further away until the 1990s, when I re-kindled my love of actually attending games. I was a season-ticket holder for the first few seasons at The Amex and now get to as many home and away games as I can. I am an active member of the Albion Heritage Society with a particular passion for programmes. My website, is dedicated to the celebration of the matchday programme, as well as other memorabilia such as fanzines. This has led me to becoming a regular contributor to the matchday magazine as well as writing a ‘fan’s perspective’ weekly column for a local newspaper. I have watched Albion during the ups, the downs and the years in-between and still have an unwavering passion for the club, even after nearly 54 years of support!


Simon Sheppard

I am Simon Sheppard, a 47 year old Albion fan, who has supported the club since I was 5 years old in 1979/80, 1st match was at Goldstone Ground in October 1988, Brighton 3 Sunderland 0. I have seen us at 4 grounds, supported us through thick and thin, through the bad times. and the good. I have been on the Brighton Pride bus, the last 2 Prides, as I am Vice-chairperson of Proud Seagulls. 


1901 Club Member

Clive Steed

I Have followed BHAFC for many years since studying in Brighton in the early nineties and moving back to Sussex in the early 2000. I'm a pragmatic fan that is delighted to be in the premier league and even more delighted of our continued performance at the highest level (both Men & Women teams) . I feel proud to support the team, club and the place in the community that BHAFC hold.


Women's Season Ticket Holder

Natalie Banbury

I have been a supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion for a long time. I have loved football every since I can remember. I love how the club makes you feel valued as a supporter. 

I have a huge passion for the game & especially Women’s football. My 13yr old daughter plays football so I’d like to help make changes for her generation. 
Women in football need a voice & I’d help to shout loud & proud. Us women need to stick together. The club is hugely important to me.