Cashless Stadium

Cashless Stadium

In September 2019 we announced the intention to become a cashless venue from July 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic has cemented this intention with government guidelines now strongly advising organisations to encourage cashless payments to avoid cross contamination.

As a result the American Express Stadium is now a cashless venue.

Once the stadium and superstore is able to welcome fans and supporters back, no cash or cheques will be accepted for any purchase made within the stadium, ticket office, superstore and its surrounding grounds, including our car park sites, park & ride and programme seller booths.

Earlier in the 2019/20 season we trialled card-payment only kiosks on concourses with great success, speeding transaction times by almost half, enabling much shorter queuing times for fans. The result will also be to:

  • Increase speed of service and shorter queue times.
  • More payment options – bank cards, mobile, gift card.
  • Improve hygiene – catering staff won’t be handling cash.

All payments can be made using the following methods:

  • All major contactless debit and credit cards, with chip and pin applying for purchases over £45.
  • Mobile and wearable payment, including Apple Pay and Google Pay - this method supports high-value contactless payments.

From time to time you may be asked you dip your Card and enter your PIN to verify it is you.