Inclusion Room

Inclusion Room

Supporters can book their place in the Inclusion Room for upcoming matches at the American Express Stadium.

Since gaining promotion to the Premier League, the club has been concentrating its efforts on further developing the stadium's accessibility – one aspect of these developments has been our Inclusion Room.

As you may be aware, the club is encouraging supporters to get in touch if they feel that the inclusion room may help with introducing football to a person’s life. This fantastic facility has already seen great success, and we would like to continue this.

This is a safe and reassuring space where supporters who may struggle to sit within the main stands, can enjoy football.

To register your interest, please fill out the form here.


Albion's disability liaison officer Millie Crowhurst talks us through the Charlie Perry Inclusion Room:

It’s great to have welcomed supporters back into the inclusion room… now that things are opening up again after the pandemic. We have had many people who have waited patiently since early 2020 to get to see a match from the comfort of this safe space. We have seen several families, and several individuals, who have benefitted immensely from using the room. It’s been great seeing so many smiling faces, as well as hearing such positive feedback from families who could experience matchday together – something they thought they would never be able to do. It’s created memories that families will now keep for a lifetime.

The inclusion room was built ahead of the 2018/19 season... and is named in memory of Martin Perry’s grandson, who sadly passed away, and is aimed at supporters who have never been to a game or who are very anxious about coming to one. We provide them with a safe, calm and warm environment in which to watch the Albion. The room is, ultimately, a stepping- stone to watching games in the stands with the other supporters.

Fans of any age, of any disability are welcome to use the room… with the youngest we’ve had being five and the oldest touching 90. We’ve had people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, mental health, epilepsy, ADHD, wheelchairs users... anything and everything. That’s why it’s called an inclusion room and not a sensory room – which caters more for autism and sensory needs. We want it open for anyone and any disability. Its popularity has taken us back to be honest  – and all through word of mouth!

By Paul Hazlewood
Fans of any age, of any disability are welcome to use the room.

The room itself… is made up of three areas. The back is a quiet safe space for people to use, the middle section has more sensory equipment and has a view of the pitch, and for anyone feeling super confident they can sit on the seating deck outside or go between all three areas if needed. The room is also in close proximity to the club’s changing places facility.

We don’t look to follow, we look to lead… and were the first club to have an inclusion room. We were also the first club to introduce a disability wristband scheme, whereby those supporters who don’t have a visual disability – for example autism, epilepsy or Parkinson’s – can wear the wristband and have peace of mind that if they do have an episode at the stadium, the stewards and staff will be able to approach them accordingly. We’re also hoping to introduce a matchday buddy scheme in the future, in association with local charity TogetherCo, while the general feedback we’ve had is extremely positive. Even away clubs have complimented us on the way we do things, so long may it continue!

It’s a very rewarding job… not just for me but for Ashley Elmer, who also works in the inclusion room, likewise the other staff accompanying us on a matchday. It makes it all worthwhile when, on a Monday morning, my inbox is full from people thanking our disability staff and stewards for going that extra mile. It’s nice that we as individuals, and also as a football club, are able to make a difference to people’s lives.

* If you’d like more information about the Charlie Perry Inclusion Room, please contact Millie on email at