Lallana: I can see myself returning to Albion one day

Midfielder made 104 appearances for the club before leaving at the end of the season.

By Charlie Hanson • 10 June 2024

By Paul Hazlewood
Adam arrived at the club in 2020.

Although Adam Lallana has called time on his Albion playing career, but sees no reason why he wouldn’t return as a coach one day.

He was also pleased with the kind messages he received from supporters after he announced he was leaving last month. 

“It’s nice knowing that the reactions have been a bit more like that [positive] than can't wait for him to get out of the door! I can definitely see myself being back here in the future working in some capacity.”

Speaking on the Official Brighton & Hove Albion Podcast, the midfielder says his departure is mainly for personal reasons.

“I needed to make a decision based on my family," he added. "There have been times in my career where I've been extremely selfish. Throughout my career I’ve made decisions that are good for Adam Lallana and my football.

"It just felt right that I needed to go home – six or seven nights a week where I'm kissing my kids goodnight and they're seeing me in the morning.

"As much I love football and I've loved it here, family is what is most important. I'd like to continue playing. If not I'm not going to have too many other options apart from retiring! I know that's not too far away, but I never wanted to kind of outstay my welcome here.

“The club is on the rise and for a senior player it's tough to keep asking your body to do stuff day in, day out.”

By Simon Roe
Adam Lallana's farewell appearance came in our final game of the season against Manchester United.

Leaving on the right note was important to the 36-year-old.

“Roberto [De Zerbi] was unbelievable managing me and giving me the option to not train on certain days. I feel honoured that I've been able to work with him for that reason as well.

"It just feels right [to leave]. I left Liverpool in a really nice way and that gave me so much fulfilment. I want to have that here, it's important to me."

You can listen to Adam’s full interview on the Official Brighton & Hove Albion Podcast here.