You asked… we answered

The club's responses to fans' questions from our post-match surveys this season.

By Ella Stennett • 20 May 2024

By Paul Hazlewood
There was a standing ovation for Adam Lallana, who made his final appearance on Sunday against Manchester United.

Brighton & Hove Albion are committed to providing a high standard on matchdays – fan feedback is vital in making this happen.

After each men’s and women’s home game, a post-match survey is sent out to all attendees, giving them the opportunity to share their matchday experience. We have collated this feedback throughout the season to see how we can develop future matchdays.

Men’s home games

What you asked for...

What we did and are doing...

More trains from Falmer so it’s easier to leave the stadium post-match.

We have fed this back to Southern Rail, who provide our trains, and they will always endeavour to enhance the service on matchdays where possible.

More local bands pre-match and at half time.

With the existing set-up having no covered area, having live bands is weather-dependant – this is only feasible for certain times of the year.

However, our new fan zone will give us the flexibility to plan a whole season of music without relying on the weather.

If you are interested in performing at one of our men’s or women’s games, please contact

More park & ride sites.

The number of Park & Ride buses across our regular sites has been increased from 12 to 14. For games when we have travel challenges, we have used a new P&R site at EDF in Hove.

An upgraded PA system for clearer videos, music and announcements.

The current PA system is being upgraded to a full stadium sound system over the summer, which will provide a much more immersive audio experience from the start of next season.

The steps in the coach park to be widened.

This work has been approved, will commence imminently and has been designed to help alleviate post-match congestion. We hope to complete this work early next season.

More gluten-free food and vegan milk options.

Vegan milk alternatives are always available in all kiosks. We have added a new gluten-free Thai green curry to the menu; and further gluten-free options are being explored – we are looking into new burger options for the new season.

More than one member of staff serving food & drink in the kiosk in N1A.

To speed up service at the busier times, going forward we will have two staff members on the kiosk in the North West Upper corner of the Amex.

Sell better quality coffee in the kiosks.

We are currently in the process of evaluating potential new coffee suppliers, alongside our catering partners Sodexo Live, and hope to have this in place very soon.


Women’s home games

What you asked for...

What we did and are doing...

The pre-match music to be more like the men’s games at The Amex – for example, playing Sussex by the Sea and Fatboy Slim.

The pre-match music at Broadfield Stadium is currently under review. Sussex by the Sea has played throughout the season as teams walk out, but we are looking at using a louder version for the start of next season.

More local bands playing in the fanzone and during half-time.

The local band ‘Seagulls of Ska’ have performed at games throughout the season, and as a club we are always on the look out to display more local talent at our games.

If you are interested in performing at one of our men’s or women’s games, please contact

More product options at the pop-up retail shop.

The retail team bring a variety of products to women’s games, catering for men, women, and children, and we will look to offer as much variety as possible.

Make the programme available via email.

The matchday programme is now sent out alongside pre-match communications. The programme has also been made more accessible, as a web address is now provided alongside the QR code. We are also revaluating whether it is possible to present this content via different channels to make the digital experience even more accessible.

We have also been asked about a printed version of the programme, but currently this is not economically feasible or ideal from an environmental perspective. However, we will look to do this for the matches at the Amex, and review the situation when we bring the team back to the city.

Improve the sanitary facilities in the ladies’ toilets.

The club have implemented 26 new sanitary bins into all women’s toilets at Broadfield Stadium.

Improve the quality of the stadium toilets.

We have worked with Crawley Town to ensure all locks and flushes have been fixed in both the men’s and women’s toilets.

Allow in-app tickets.

Whilst this is not currently possible with the infrastructure at Crawley, it is in our longer term strategy for ticketing to align it with the system we use for men’s games at the Amex.

Have Redz Bar open pre-match and for every game.

Crawley Town have applied for a license and if that process is successful, Redz Bar will be able to open before 12pm next season.

Better signage needed for the fan zone.

A-frames are now dispersed around the outer-stadium, signposting fans in the direction of the fanzone. A review is also scheduled in the close season to make further improvements with signage from the start of next season.


Thank you to all our supporters who took the time to complete our post-match surveys over the 2023/24 season. All your feedback is vital in helping us shape your future matchdays.