Undav: I am a different Deniz!

The striker now has four league goals to his name.

By Charlie Hanson • 25 May 2023

By Paul Hazlewood
Roberto De Zerbi and Deniz Undav.

Deniz Undav says an honest conversation with Roberto De Zerbi has helped him find confidence in his game.

The striker has scored four goals in his last seven games, including a brace against Wolves.

“It was after the Manchester United [Emirates FA Cup] game, I had a conversation with the gaffer – it was a hard one, but it made it click in my head," he said.


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“I have got better and better and I’ve got some goals. I knew what he wanted from me and I was building my confidence quickly and that’s credit to him. He’s a gaffer who will tell you the truth to your face.

“He wanted me to give more energy because it looked like I wasn’t 100% into the game because of my body language. I was always like this so it’s difficult for me to change, but I have really tried and I think my high-intensity runs are higher than they were in the beginning.

“He wanted me to be confident enough to use my body and my strength in the game, to run at high intensity. I think I have improved since the beginning of the season – it’s a different Deniz! I have tried to get better and better every day.

By Paul Hazlewood
Deniz Undav scored a wonderful chip at the Emirates in our 3-0 victory over Arsenal.

“I know where I am now, I know what he wants from me and now it’s my choice to be even better than I am now. To be more aggressive, this is what I am trying to do now.”

The striker now has his own chant to the tune of Hey Baby by DJ Otzi, which he’s a huge fan of.

“The supporters have shown me that they love me, it’s good for a player when they are singing about you. I have tried to give it back to them, I try to score, to make them and me happy, I hope they keep doing it!”