Scheuer: We are expecting a strong opponent

Head coach aware of challenges ahead of trip to Aston Villa.

By Heather Miller • 04 February 2023

By Paul Hazlewood
Albion will face Aston Villa in the WSL for the first time this season.

Albion have been working hard in preparation for Saturday's match against Aston Villa as they return to league action following last week's FA Cup win.

The head coach reflected on last weekend's 7-0 victory against West Bromwich Albion but insisted that the squad are solely focussed on the challenge today as they travel to Aston Villa. 

“I’m not interested in the 7-0 because it’s in the past, we are now focussed on what’s in the future." he said. "We are expecting a really strong opponent in Villa, they deserve to be in the top five in the league and they have great players."

"We are prepared for it, we know how good an opponent that we are facing.

“We know that Villa will challenge us and our level, they will stress us and pressurise our defence but I trust in my team because I’ve seen some really good things and on the pitch  I see a team who are willing to be better and that makes me happy."


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Scheuer and Bergsvand's Aston Villa press conference

Scheuer is confident the work they are doing on the training pitch will pay dividends in games.

“We’ve done good work in the training sessions with the girls and we are working towards the next step," he added.

"To create chances isn’t easy but I saw a lot of good things in the training sessions this week, let's hope we see it against Villa too.

“As a team our preparations don’t change, we’ll have the same strategy and hopefully we can catch some points."