Zigiotti: We want to climb the table

Albion prepare for their third match in seven days as they host Arsenal at Broadfield Stadium on Sunday.

By Heather Miller • 22 January 2023

By Paul Hazlewood
Zigiotti captaining Albion in their Conti Cup clash against West Ham United.

Jens Scheuer's side will look to build momentum after Wednesday's positive display against West Ham United in the Conti Cup.

The club anticipates one of its largest attendances at Broadfield on Sunday as they welcome Arsenal to Crawley, and midfielder Julia Zigiotti believes the squad is ready for the challenge and must trust in their ability as they adapt to head coach Jens Scheuer's methods. 

“It’s been a really good two weeks. We’ve trained a lot harder and Jens knows what he wants and the team have adapted to that. It feels like we’re on a better page now," she said. 

“As a group, we’ve handled it well, it happens in football where sometimes coaches change but you just must adapt to the situation – it’s football.

“I’ve played Arsenal twice now and they’ve been hard games, but I know what we can do and if we have confidence in ourselves to give 100%, I don’t see any issue of taking points. We have to trust ourselves and do what we’re good at."


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Scheuer and Zigiotti's Arsenal press conference

Albion are only four points above bottom of the table Leicester in 11th place, but Zigiotti says the players are only focused on doing well against the Gunners. 

She added, “You can’t look at it too much, we know what position we’re in. You’ve just got to take every game as it is, but we want to climb the table. It’s a hard league and you can see that in every game."

Zigiotti also reflected on her first year at the club after signing in the 2022 January window. She believes she has proven herself to be a key member of the squad and insisted that the team are prepared for the expectations that Jens has for the remainder of the season. 

“It’s hard to come into a new league and not know what you’re up against but now when I got the hang of it I’ve proven myself," she added. “The whole squad has been open to adapt and listen to Jens and what he wants and expects of us. As a team, you just have to get on board with it as quickly as possible but I think that the squad is doing a great job."