Estupinan: We have the ability to qualify for Europe

Pervis confident in his teammates' ability to push for top spots in the Premier League.

By Charlie Hanson • 19 January 2023

By Paul Hazlewood
Pervis Estupinan congratulates his teammates after taking the lead at Middlesbrough.

Pervis Estupinan has his sights set on competing in European football again, having won the Europa League with Villareal in 2021.

The 24-year-old believes that Albion have a realistic opportunity to qualify for one of the three European competitions on offer and reckons his team’s tactical approach is a big factor.

“It may sound a bit much, but I want to try to finish this season in the European positions – I believe this team has the ability to do so,” he said.

“During my time with Villarreal we were able to achieve this with the team we had and we won the Europa League.

“The team we have here has a similar style of play that is used a lot in Spain, in terms of a lot of possession of the ball. The players we have are good at that and we can finish in those European positions.”

The Ecuador international says he and his teammates have bonded well with Roberto De Zerbi since the Italian’s arrival in September, and that the head coach makes them feel ‘special’.

By Paul Hazlewood
Pervis Estupinan has been pleased with the impact Roberto De Zerbi is having.

“He is a person who gives you a lot of confidence, who is always helping you to improve. He always sees the best in you and if you make a mistake, he tries to let you know in the best possible way so that you can improve.

“He’s always joking and talking to the players. He always gives you a hug when he greets you and that is what makes you feel good.

“There are few coaches who use the system of playing out from the back and I think that's what makes him stand out.”