Sanchez: I've worked really hard on my mental game

Keeper reckons his approach to matches was his biggest area of improvement last season.

By Charlie Hanson • 03 August 2022

By Paul Hazlewood
Robert Sanchez will be aiming to improve on his tally of 11 clean sheets last season in the Premier League.

Robert Sanchez has given himself a seven out of ten for his performances last season, but reckons the mental side of his game deserves a nine.

He puts that down to his mindset of always focussing on the next action rather than dwelling on anything positive or negative in the past.

“I would give my season a six and a half or seven because I could have done a bit better sometimes. I always rate myself in a tough way. If other people say I did really well, I want to do more. So overall I give myself a seven.

“Then mentally wise I give myself a nine because I've worked really hard to have that level of concentration and consistency during the whole season, of not getting too high when I do well and getting too low when I do bad.


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Rob Sanchez feature

“I have really focussed on being positive, if I make a little mistake, I focus on the next action, especially with the gaffer who really pushed on us to think about the next ball or the next action.

“I have really improved so I'm very happy, so I gave myself a nine on that.”

That focus from the head coach has made a real difference according to Sanchez.

“The gaffer knows that we’re the best players we can be. We are football players but, first of all, we're human beings and he knows that we do make mistakes.

“We're not going to be 100% every day because apart from football there’s other stuff going on. You can’t always be bang on every single session. As long as we think about the next action and try the next day to be positive and do our best he's always fine.”