Hamberg: We want to make the Amex a tough place to come

First team coach delighted with end of season run and wants to carry that into next season.

By Matt Bishop • 31 May 2022

By Paul Hazlewood
The first team coach has worked alongside Graham Potter since their time at Ostersund.

Bjorn Hamberg says Albion’s coaching staff are ‘really proud’ following some memorable moments in our record-breaking 2021/22 season. 

Alongside Graham Potter and Billy Reid, first-team coach Hamberg watched on from the touchline as we sealed our highest-ever top-flight finish, secured a club record 12 Premier League wins and scored 41 goals – the most we’ve managed in a single campaign in the top-tier. 

Hamberg was the only member of Potter’s closest coaching staff to actually witness every minute of Albion’s season live, taking charge of our 1-1 draw at Leicester City when Graham and Billy Reid were self-isolating, and he says looking back on such a great season is vital. 

By Paul Hazlewood
Bjorn Hamberg took the team at Leicester City in the absence of Graham Potter and Billy Reid.

“It’s important to enjoy the good moments like we have had this year,” said the 36-year-old Swede. “We always want to improve, but enjoying the highs, as well as experiencing some lows, keeps you on track. 

“It helps us during the low moments to think of the good times we’ve had and have that process of improvement in mind, and when you win, it’s nice to try to enjoy the results together. 

“I think you should enjoy every win, whether you are a player or a member of staff, because that’s what we do this for. There were some great moments this year and we are really proud of them all.” 

Hamberg’s highlight was the win against Manchester United – his “favourite moment at Brighton.” 


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Extended PL Highlights: Albion 4 Man United 0

“That day at the Amex was special,” said Hamberg. “Obviously it happened quite recently so it’s fresh in our memory, but I think the crowd and atmosphere that game was the best I’ve ever been involved in. 

“Hopefully we can have more days like that together. West Ham was another great win and atmosphere, so we hope the fans are starting to get that buzz back at home. 

"We want to provide our fans with wins like these more often, and hopefully turn the Amex into something special next season.”