Scottish duo to represent Albion in ePremier League

Marc Marley and Jayden Groden are Albion's ePremier League finalists for the 2021/22 season.

By Jemma Thrower • 27 February 2022

FIFA professionals and teammates EllevensMarley (PlayStation) and StudiousWharf91 (Xbox) have made it through to the ePremier League Grand Finals next month after winning another entertaining live stream event. 


PlayStation 5 Winner – EllevensMarley (Marc Marley)

For a second year in a row, Marc Marley will be representing Albion in the ePremier League Grand Final event.   
This year’s format saw EllevensMarley play Jay9709 in the finals, with Marc winning the playoff grand final in a golden goal scenario.  

As Marc was invited back by Albion for this year’s tournament, he was parachuted straight into the playoff quarter finals. EllevensMarley made his way through winning every match in the whole club event, keeping him in the Upper Bracket. 

On winning, Marc said, “I feel like I just couldn’t score, I’ve been scoring finesse shots for the past week and a half, and in the final, they weren’t going in.  

“I started to think I’m maybe going to have to settle for a bracket reset, but I was thinking the more I control the game and keep it close to his box, he’s going to get nervous, as anyone would. 

“Jay’s a really good player, even the 4-1 wasn’t a 4-1 game, it was pretty close. I didn’t play for three hours, I got a three-hour break, so it was difficult, especially going 1-0 down I was like ‘here we go’. But I was always confident that I could win.” 
When asked about the quality of the tournament in general, EllevensMarley said, “People are getting better at FIFA every year. I think there’s a different kind of pressure for ePremier League, for me anyway, because that’s now four years out of four I’ve qualified, so it means a bit more. 

“I’m just happy that I’ve qualified again.” 


Xbox Series X Winner – StudiousWharf91 (Jayden Groden)

StudiousWharf91, a representative for Everton in the ePremier League and qualifier for eWorld Cup last year, clawed his way back from the lower bracket to defeat Zac11Moore in the playoff finals. 

StuidousWharf91 dropped down to the lower bracket after a 5-2 defeat to Zac11Moore. However, after going on to win against HelpMeFindLuis 4-3, Jayden found himself playing Zac once again in a nail-biting duel. 

After a 5-2 loss and 6-1 win forced a bracket reset, the pair once again found themselves in a face-off to see who would go on to represent Albion in this year’s competition Grand Final.    

The event came to an end when StudiousWharf91 claimed the winners spot and it was confirmed that the Scottish duo would be Albion’s representatives this year. 

On his progress, Jayden said, “It’s been a long day. I was up at four in the morning to come down to the London office and I’ve been sitting at this desk since 10am waiting to play for Brighton.  

“I was really annoyed at myself because I didn’t play to the standard I knew I could when I played against Zac in the winner’s final, but I reset, relaxed for a bit and then came back in it and tried to do what I knew I could do.” 

When asked what it gives Jayden and Marc to be going through to the competition Grand Finals as fellow teammates, Jayden said, “I think it gives us a massive boost to be honest, because we look at this competition that we’re going to win it and that we want to win it. 

“Being together it just makes it such a better experience as well, instead of being with someone from another team. So yeah, we’re both really looking forward to it.” 

The event was streamed live on the club’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Re-live the action here.

Both players will now represent Albion next month when they meet the playoff champions from the other Premier League clubs in the ePremier League tournament finals.