Potter on Ashworth's departure

Head coach on technical director Dan Ashworth's resignation and David Weir's appointment.

By Bruce Talbot • 10 February 2022

By Paul Hazlewood
Graham Potter said Dan Ashworth's decision to resign was a tough one for the former FA director of elite development.

Graham Potter says the club’s togetherness will help it move forward following the departure of Dan Ashworth as technical director.

The head coach also revealed he is looking forward to working with David Weir, who he says is a 'fantastic guy'.

“Of course, we’re disappointed because Dan was a colleague, a friend and someone I respected a lot and of course still do,” said Potter. “It was a really tough decision for him. He has got his reasons and you have to respect that Dan is his own man.

By Paul Hazlewood
David Weir has been appointed as acting technical director.

“He’s been an important person at the club, but these things happen. We’re a really well-run club that doesn’t rely on one person, as important as they are, whether that’s Dan Ashworth, Graham Potter or Paul Barber.

“There’s a good organisation here with a fantastic chairman. There have been good people here before Dan and I were here and there will be after. We will move forward as a club and we will take on the challenge with life without Dan as best we can.”

David Weir has been appointed as acting technical director and Potter is looking forward to working with the former Scotland international.


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Potter's Watford press conference

“I think it would be wrong to say David’s going to follow in Dan’s footsteps because that’s unfair on them both, I tend to avoid comparisons as it’s more about the structure of the club.

“That allows David to be the best version of himself in this interim period and then we will see what he and the club decide going forward. But I have huge confidence in him because he’s a fantastic guy.”