Chivers: There's a lot to like about Tuchel and Potter

Former Albion and Chelsea defender has been impressed with both head coaches this season.

By Charlie Hanson • 29 December 2021

By Paul Hazlewood
Thomas Tuchel's men faced Aston Villa on Boxing Day.

Gary Chivers reckons a lot of comparisons can be drawn between Albion head coach Graham Potter and his opposite number at Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel.

The former Chelsea and Albion defender says Tuchel’s clear popularity with his players is the hallmark of a top coach.

“He does feel like a messiah. I gauge it by the players’ reactions to him and they clearly like him,” said Chivers. “That’s half the battle, if you’ve got a team of players that like you they’ll go out and fight for you and I think he’s got that about him.

“He has got that personality, he wants to win and he’s got drive – he’s got a very good set of players as well.

By The Argus
Gary Chivers spent five years with Albion, signing in 1988, before departing in 1993.

“I think they will be pushed all the way for the title by Manchester City and Liverpool. It’s a three-horse race. Chelsea seemed to have broken away, but City look very good.”

While the Chelsea boss deserves plaudits, Chivers is just as impressed with Potter.

“I think Graham is brilliant and he has done a fantastic job here. The players like him, he’s a good man. He never seems to get irate on the sidelines either, that rubs off onto the players.

“Graham has had a harder job than Thomas Tuchel and I know we [Brighton] haven’t won for a few games, but we haven’t lost many either.

By The Argus
The 61-year-old began his career with Chelsea, leaving Stamford Bridge in 1983 for Swansea City.

“I would have loved playing for him. Sometimes you don’t want people screaming and throwing cups around like they used to in my day! He just comes in and tells the players how it is. He’s as straight as a die which I like, there’s nothing around him that you’re not going to believe and he has got a good footballing brain.”

The 61-year-old doesn’t want to stick his neck out and pick a winner when the teams meet at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

“I am going to sit completely on the fence! If it could be a six-all draw then that would be fantastic, but I don’t think it will be. It’s a tough game.”