Ticket News

Half season tickets available without deposit until Monday

A reminder for those wishing to buy a half-season ticket or a membership for Christmas.

By Anna Easthope • 19 November 2021

Supporters have until 12pm on Monday 22 November to buy their half season ticket using Direct Debit without a deposit being required.

Buying a half season ticket will allow supporter to attend fixtures from 26 December until the end of the 2021/22 season, meaning they can attend Albion v Brentford, Crystal Palace, Chelsea, Burnley, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Norwich, Southampton, Man United and West Ham.   

To buy your half season ticket please click here.

Supporters also have until this date to purchase a junior MyAlbion+ membership and receive the goodie pack before Christmas. Adult MyAlbion+ membership is no longer inclusive of gift pack which has sold out due to popular demand and membership is reduced to £15* as a result for the remainder of the season. To buy membership please click here

Or alternatively, contact Supporter Services on 01273 668855 on Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.

* Adult price quoted is for adult UK membership on direct debit