Bissouma missing the fans - and his song

Midfielder says it's been a hard season without supporters.

By Charlie Hanson • 27 April 2021

By Paul Hazlewood
Yves Bissouma has missed Albion supporters this campaign.

Yves Bissouma admits he has badly missed Albion fans this season – and the song they sing in his honour.

The 24-year-old has played at a consistently high in midfield, but believes if supporters were watching he could find another level.

“When they sing like that about me, I go crazy! It gives me a lot of energy, especially when I’m on the pitch and I hear it. It’s impossible to stop me then.

“I just have to keep running because those people are showing you their love and that they’re there for you. I can’t stand in front of every one of them and say thanks, so my way of thanking them is by fighting out on the pitch for my team.

“When Brighton win, at least then I’m repaying them. These people are mums and dads with their kids, and that honestly gives me a new lease of life and it makes me want to always work hard.

By Paul Hazlewood
Yves Bissouma has made 90 appearances for Albion since joining in 2018.

“I get a feeling when they sing that song. I don’t know how they found the way to give me that boost. Sometimes I’m feeling really tired, but just hearing that song gives me renewed energy, I love for them to be happy and for the city of Brighton to be happy, it’s just fantastic.

“I love the Brighton fans because they’ve loved me and they’ve adopted me, and I can only thank them for that.”

The Mali international says he has noticed a change in the Albion dressing room this season.

“We’re completely together and united. Even when we lose a game, we stick together. The squad isn’t divided at all. We try to find solutions so that we can win as many games as possible and I think that is because of our solidarity, as we’re like a family.

“Everyone has a laugh with each other, everyone gets along and that’s very good in a squad. It proves that there’s love within the squad. Everyone at the club sticks together, and our performances are down to hard work from everyone.”