Potter's praise for Maupay

Striker has played key role in unbeaten run, says head coach.

By Bruce Talbot • 21 February 2021

By Paul Hazlewood
Albion striker Neal Maupay.

Graham Potter has praised the performances of top scorer Neal Maupay as Albion prepare to face Crystal Palace on Monday.

Maupay has scored seven goals this season and although his last goal was against Leeds United, Potter has been impressed with the French forward in subsequent games during a six-match unbeaten run.

He said, “I think Neal’s performances have been really good, certainly since the turn of the year, particularly the way he has contributed to the team performances.

“Sometimes we zoom into the individual and think this individual should be doing a bit better but if you look at the team performances, Neal has played in games where the team has done well against Tottenham, Liverpool and Leeds and he played strongly against Aston Villa and Fulham. That’s a result of his performances.


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Potter's Palace press conference: junior edition!

“If you ask him, then, yes, he’d have liked to have scored more but every forward would say the same and has to go through periods when they don’t score - that’s the life of a top player.

“You have to deal with those little moments where people can maybe doubt you or the negativity comes your way.

"You see it across the Premier League with players who have cost significantly more than Neal Maupay. It just happens and he is strong enough to deal with it.

“The important thing for him is he understands his role and he fights for the team and while he does that there is no problem from our perspective.”