Potter: Social media abuse is unacceptable

Head coach condemns online trolls.

By Charlie Hanson • 16 February 2021

By Paul Hazlewood
Graham Potter thinks more should be done to control online abuse.

Graham Potter has said that more needs to be done to police online abuse.

The 45-year-old believes it is too easy for individuals to set up a social media account and post derogatory comments without any repercussions.

“You can get on social media quite easily. It's a free voice if you like and for some it is the new toilet wall. You can write what you like and it can be offensive. That's the world we're in and it's not very pleasant.

“You want people to have access so they can have an opinion but at the same time there is a balance. These [social media] companies are earning a lot of money and they need to police it if there is racial or homophobic abuse or abuse based on religion, because that's not right and it's not acceptable.

“The more that we can do the better. But I am not sure it's going to be so easy.”

Albion players have in the past been the victim of online trolls, and Potter is disgusted at what has been aimed at some members of his squad.

“I know that some of the players have made the decision to come off social media. If we have not won or if you haven't played well people can post something that isn't very pleasant.

“Once that line is crossed and it starts to become offensive it's not acceptable. We have not had any reports recently from our players, but it is something that is a huge challenge for everybody in society.

“If you are going to be on social media, you have to be prepared to be trolled or whatever but when it starts to become abusive that's where I think more has to be done.”

Potter worked with 22-year-old Swansea City midfielder Yan Dhanda, who was subjected to racist abuse online, when he was Swans' manager.

“It's very sad. The one thing I do know is that it won't beat Yan Dhanda, he's a strong character and a fantastic person. Sadly he is probably used to it which reflects the world we're in. It shouldn't happen.”