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29 September 2017

Following the abuse by some supporters of Brighton & Hove Albion's loyalty point scheme at the Carabao Cup match with AFC Bournemouth, the following changes to the scheme were agreed at yesterday’s club board meeting:

  • terms and conditions of the loyalty point scheme will be amended so that loyalty points are awarded on match attendance - for both home and away games - and not simply on ticket purchase;
  • the club now reserve the right to reconcile attendance data from host clubs with away match tickets sold; and loyalty points may only be awarded once this process is complete;
  • where attendance data isn’t available from host clubs, the club reserves the right to use other pre and post-turnstile methods to measure and record supporter attendance at matches against tickets sold;
  • identifiable abuses of the loyalty scheme will result in loyalty point deductions and may also result in possible further sanctions (including a further deduction of points or an away ticket ban);
  • where away match tickets are purchased and passed on for use by other fans, not eligible for the tickets, supporters risk punitive sanctions including loyalty point reductions and an away ticket ban.

The above changes will be implemented with immediate effect.
The club’s board is committed to maintaining a loyalty point scheme that is fair and transparent for all fans.
The loyalty point scheme is primarily designed to drive support for the team and to reward fans for their help in doing this.
When demand for tickets exceeds supply for most of our away games, and whilst the vast majority of fans buy tickets to support the team, it is clear that some fans are tempted to “harvest” points for matches they don’t wish to attend.
This type of behaviour is against the spirit of the club’s loyalty scheme, doesn’t provide any support to the team, and stops other fans from attending matches along with the chance to build their own loyalty point totals.
If identified, this behaviour will now lead to punitive sanctions as outlined above. The club will not issue any further warnings before taking action.
Meanwhile the club will be writing to those supporters who purchased a ticket for the Bournemouth Carabao Cup match but did not attend.

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