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5 June 2015

To celebrate the first-ever Women’s Sport Week, Brighton & Hove Albion’s media team have taken the opportunity to recognise our very own sportswomen in a series of news stories.  Click here to find out more about Women’s Sport Week 2015.

Here club photographer Geoff Penn picks out his top ten women's photographs of the season.

10. Amy Green: A graduate of the Women’s and girls' centre of excellence who has now established herself following her second season in the first team. Unfortunately, Amy was injured near the end of the season, but she has the character to bounce back even stronger.

9. Catherine and Deanna Cooper: I love the emotional context of this photo -  the unbridled joy shared by two sisters in doing what they enjoy. In this case, scoring goals.

8 James Marrs: The Gaffer. Exuberance personified. He demands nothing but the best from those around him and he continually encourages the squad. He will never forget to thank everybody – players, coaches and media for their contribution and support.

7. Charlotte Owen: There are two things that continually amaze me about Owen. How petite she is and how skilful she is.  She was the scorer of a ridiculously sublime back-heeled goal in the 5-1 victory at Gillingham, which was featured on the Sky Sports breakfast show Soccer AM.

6. Charley Boswell: It seems like Charley has been turning out for the Women’s team since before who knows when – and she’s still only young! How does she do it? Three words: Loyalty, consistency and dedication all in abundance.

5. Lisa Fulgence:  Lisa is a study in personal strength; she has been sidelined through injury after only playing for a handful of minutes in the past season, yet she is always there for her teammates. She accepts her lot with an elegance and grace while retaining her sense of humour.

4. Kirsty Barton: Midfield linchpin extraordinaire, who is quite fond of thumping a long-distance rocket into the top corner of the net.  Resolute, tough, and a real attacking threat

3. Fliss Gibbons: Determination and professionalism are among Fliss’s qualities. In this photo, Fliss demonstrates both.  After scoring, she retrieves the ball from the back of the net and hustles back to the centre circle to get the game restarted.

2. Lucy Somes: Skilful and superbly athletic. I have many photos of Lucy in which neither of her feet appear to be in contact with the ground. She’s never afraid to be in the rough and tumble of the game, and she enjoys the occasional unusual goal celebration.

1. The Team: By default a ‘top ten’ list means that the majority of the squad will not be mentioned, but I have instead chosen this team shot ahead of the match against Copsewood in December. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have so enjoyed photographing the Albion women throughout the season.

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