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24 October 2014

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Sami Hyypia says Albion won’t sacrifice their style of play but admitted he would take any type of win to calm outside worries about the club’s form.
The Finn sympathised with Albion fans’ fears about the side’s winless run, but says the feeling in the club is far from negative despite the current low league position.
He told, “In the position we are in now of course the result is the most important thing, but if you can get the result playing well then that is better.
“I don’t know the fans that well yet, so I don’t know if we changed our style that dramatically and won every game 1-0, but didn’t play as well as we have played in a few games, would they be happy with that?
“Of course the fans are always happy when you win, well almost always, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to play a nice game and lose, I want to play a nice game and win of course.
“But at this moment I would take an ugly win for sure. One win would give us more confidence to go into the next game and it would calm things down outside.
“Everything is calm inside the club, and of course I understand the fans have ambitions as well and they want us to be at the other end of the table.”


Meanwhile Hyypia feels looking at league positions will only put undue pressure on his players and wants them to focus on leaving everything possible out on the pitch.
He added, “I think it is good not to look at the table. I know some players do as few people may remind them where we are but you cannot do more on the pitch than you are capable of.
“It is important that you just concentrate on the next game and get everything, absolute everything out of yourself. You cannot do more than that.
“We are all different in how we handle pressure. Some players can play better, but you need to find your own way.
“I wouldn't think there are too many players in the world who perform better under big pressure compared to when there is no pressure.
“So it is better to concentrate on what you can do, keep it simple, make sure you do the basics right and maybe that is a way to tackle the nervousness.
“I don’t expect miracles from my players I just expect them to perform at their optimum level and then we will start climbing the table.”


ALBION V rotherham


ALBION V wigan

tuesday 4th november, KICK-OFF 7:45PM

Albion v blackburn

SATURDAY 8TH NOVEMber, kick-off 3pm

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