Brazil: Club's investment has raised expectations

Albion forward is impressed by commitment to women's team shown by the club.

By Charlie Hanson • 24 January 2021

By Paul Hazlewood
Ellie Brazil has said the mood in camp is high.

Ellie Brazil believes the sky's the limit for the women's team thanks to the club's investment.

With the opening of the new women's training facility due in the summer, as well as the recruitment of some top international talent last year, expectations are continuing to grow.

“The club are investing so much into the women's team,” Brazil said. “We're recruiting some really good pros and we are bringing in a lot of internationals which makes it harder for us to be in the starting XI and that competition for places is what you want – to know you've got to fight for your place in the team is a positive thing.

“It's only going to get better because as a club we have got high expectations. The new training ground will have incredible facilities so what we are being offered to help grow the club and raise the profile of women’s football is huge.

Albion face Manchester City this afternoon – a side who they took a point off in September.

“The mood in the camp is really good,” said Brazil. “When you prepare to play against a big team you get excited because you want to prove a point and to show everyone that we're becoming a really good team.


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“It is good to be in a situation where you are disappointed with just a point like we were last weekend [0-0 against Birmingham City} but I’m sure that one performance is going to come where we do finish a team off and people will start looking at us a bit differently.

“We’ve had other teams saying they hate playing against us so that's a good reputation to have and one we want to build.”