Sanchez thankful for Albion's support

Goalkeeper's message for those who have helped on his journey to the first team.

By Alex Stedman • 22 December 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Rob Sanchez barks out instructions during Albion's 1-1 draw with Sheffield United.

Rob Sanchez says he has plenty of people to thank for helping him during his first six years with Albion. 


The 23-year-old made his senior debut against Tottenham earlier this season and has impressed against Fulham and Sheffield United in Albion's last two matches.


He said, “There have been many so many people who have got me to this point.


“When I came here it was Justinas Gasiunas, the under-18 goalkeeping coach. I had so much fun training with him and he began to shape me as a goalkeeper.


“I had potential, but he brought me under control and taught me many techniques. It was the first time I had a goalkeeping coach work with me every day and it helped me improve.


“Simon Rusk was the under-18s coach at the time and he gave me the confidence to play matches.


I moved up to the under-23s and [coach] Ian Buckman gave me the belief in my game. I remember at the time I was with Bailey Vose, another keeper at the club, and we had a great partnership, we pushed one another every day.


By Paul Hazlewood
Robert Sanchez has said he owes a huge amount to head of academy goalkeeping and assistant U23s coach Shannon Ruth.

“After two or three years in the under-18s I made the move up to the under-23s. [Under-23s goalkeeping coach] Shannon Ruth came to the club and he has been massive for me and I would say if it wasn't for him I could have been back in Spain now. 

“He made me what I am today. He shaped me for the first team, but he taught me so much away from the pitch as well. 


“He showed me how to love the game and everything I have. I owe him so much and he's someone I really want to repay by being the best that I can.”


Sanchez now works with first-team goalkeeping coach and former Albion stopper Ben Roberts. 


By Paul Hazlewood
Ben Roberts has helped shape Robert Sanchez into a Premier League goalkeeper, the 23-year-old said.


“Ben has shaped me to become a Premier League goalkeeper. He taught me how to read the game at the highest level.


“He knows so much about different teams and players and what to expect from each opponent. I watch a lot of other keepers in the league with him as well and it all helps me get better.


“The senior players have also been so supportive of me coming into team - this is only the beginning for me and I need to work hard and continue to improve."