Gibbons: Rainbow Laces display showcases club's support

Albion's teams across the club have been proudly supporting Stonewall's campaign this month.

By Charlie Hanson • 09 December 2020

By Kyle Hemsley
The Albion women's team's shirts had rainbow squad numbers printed on for their match against Tottenham on Sunday.

Fliss Gibbons is proud of Albion's commitment to raising awareness, both on and off the pitch, of the Rainbow Laces campaign.

Wearing rainbow laces and having shirts with rainbow numbers and names are visible ways of showing that support, but the Albion defender is proud to play for a club whose commitment goes further than that.

“We will be wearing our laces like we did last year and we will have the rainbow numbers as well. Brighton as a club is vocal in its support of this campaign and others for a long time and it's great to be part of that.

“It's important that the Rainbow Laces campaign continues to deliver the same message and helps enlighten people about inequalities that they might not necessarily see. And as players it's good to have the platform that we have to help spread the message on social media.

By Kyle Hemsley
Fliss Gibbons is proud of the work Albion does in supporting Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign.

“Hopefully we can help educate people and try and eradicate some naivety around the issue. There's a lot of people that don't understand that there is still a lot of inequality in sport and in life. As a club we want to help eradicate those issues.

“People who have come out publicly in the past have been supported by their club, friends and family.

“The football family comes together at times like that and it's really important to show unity and support for anyone who comes out because it can be difficult for some people.

“It's important that the football community sticks together, which I believe it does.”


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WSL: Spurs 3 Albion 1