Getting to know: Peter Gwargis

Midfielder chats football, music, food and more.

By Alex Stedman • 17 November 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Albion under-23s midfielder Peter Gwargis.

Peter Gwargis is next up in our series on the under-23s.

The Swedish midfielder talks all things football. He reveals hidden talent in another sport, his favourite dish from his homeland, who he looks up to in the senior team and much more.

What is the biggest strength to your game? 

I would say my ability to contribute to the team in the last third. I like to score goals and create assists.  

What is the thing you'd like to keep working on?

At the moment I want to keep building up my body and improving my physicality. I feel that will add to my game. As a player, you always want to be consistent as well and that is something I strive for. 

How would you describe yourself as a player? 

I am a technical player who likes to be creative. 


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U23 Highlights: Derby 1 Albion 4

Describe something about yourself that has helped you get to where you are today? 

I've always worked hard at my game because I enjoy football so much. I played a lot as a young kid in Sweden, in every position and as much as I could – that desire and love for the game has got me to where I am now. 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

I wouldn't say anything in particular. But I was always taught to work hard. Football is about timing and things can change very quickly. You have to train hard and be patient then your chance will come, and you have to be ready for that.

Which first-team player do you admire the most and why?

The likes of Leandro Trossard and Adam Lallana are similar in my position. I watch clips of them, they're both really good players. 

What advice would you give to players looking to follow in your footsteps? 

I would say to keep believing in yourself, that's a really big thing. Enjoy football, you have to like what you do. 

What are your targets for 2020/21?

I want to be my best for the under-23s and work hard to get more chances in the first team. If that opportunity comes, I want to be as ready for it as I can be. 

By Paul Hazlewood
Peter Gwargis in action for Albion's under-23s against Leicester.

What was the last series you binged on TV? 

I have been watching Queen of the South on Netflix. It's one of the best things I have ever seen. 

What was the last track you listened to on Spotify? 

American rap is the thing I listen to the most, it gets me motivated and focused. 

Tell us about a hidden talent you have away from football? 

Basketball. I played a lot when I was younger in the streets with my friends and I really enjoyed it, I might not have the height, but my shooting is pretty good! 

What's your favourite food? 

Biryani – my grandmother in Sweden makes it. It's chicken with rice, meatballs and lots of other things. It's unbelievable!