Maupay in contention to face Burnley

Graham Potter confirmed striker Neal Maupay is back in contention for Friday’s game and has spoken of a good relationship with the French striker.

By Bruce Talbot • 06 November 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Neal Maupay in action for Albion.

The head coach left Maupay out for tactical reasons in last Sunday’s 2-1 defeat to Tottenham but he has trained this week and is in contention to face Burnley at the Amex tonight.

Potter said, “I've had lots of conversation with Neal and my relationship with him is really, really strong.

“I understand him and I know what his challenges are. He is a human being who isn't perfect like the rest of us and it's my job to help him understand when he's challenged or maybe isn't his best self so he can be his best self more often, because clearly that's more beneficial for Neal and the team.”


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Potter's Burnley press conference

Potter says part of that process is drawing on experiences from his playing days. 

“When I was younger I did some things that I look back on now and, with hindsight, age and a bit of perspective, I would have done differently but that’s part of life and growing up.

“We have to help each other and when we make mistakes we have to deal with them and then move forward.”

By Paul Hazlewood
Neal Maupay trains ahead of Friday's game against Burnley.

Maupay scored ten goals in his debut Premier League campaign and has already netted four times this season. Potter has elaborated on why he was absent against Spurs.

“Sometimes tempers run high. People can become frustrated and emotional but you want that to a certain extend because we’re in professional sport at the highest level.

“Sometimes the line gets crossed and it’s how you react but there’s no problem with Neal. He’s got to take responsibility for that but we have moved forward as a group and I believe we’re stronger for it.”