Transfer Deadline Day: Everything you need to know

From deal sheets to work permits – how transfers get done.

By Alex Stedman • 05 October 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
The transfer window closes at 11pm tonight.

The summer transfer window for the 2020/21 season closes at 11pm tonight, although business can still be conducted with EFL clubs only until 16th October.

The EFL deadline includes moves both ways, and loans, but transfer business cannot be concluded between Premier League clubs, or with other clubs worldwide during the extended period.

But how do deals get done? The Premier League have provided a comprehensive guide to everything that goes on behind the scenes when clubs look to make new signings.

  1. What is the deal sheet in transfers?
  2. How does a club begin the process of completing a player transfer?
  3. What is the Premier League’s role in the transfer process?
  4. What is FIFA’s Transfer Matching System?
  5. How does the work-permit process work for transfers?
  6. Rules governing third-party ownership of players
  7. Is a fax machine used for transfers?
  8. How many loans are allowed by Premier League clubs?

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