Online abuse crossed the line, says Maupay

Premier League take action after Frenchman is targeted on social media.

By Charlie Hanson • 22 September 2020

By Craig Doyle
Neal Maupay fires home from the penalty spot against Newcastle United on Sunday.

Neal Maupay says the support Albion and the Premier League gave him after he received abuse on social media has been ‘amazing’.

The League registered an official complaint to authorities in Singapore in August after he was targeted by an individual there.

Maupay said, “I can understand sometimes when fans are upset, but on social media people feel free to say whatever they want and it can cross the line. The support I have had from both the club and the Premier League has been amazing.

“It’s just football - we are just trying to give people happiness. Sometimes there are threats online and it’s just too much so the club and the Premier League said to me ‘we need to stop it, if we don’t, people will carry on. We need to show that it’s unacceptable to threaten a player and their family’.

By Craig Doyle
Adam Webster congratulates Neal Maupay after his second goal.

“Players have problems with racist abuse as well. It’s really good to be playing in a league which tries to look after the players and will not tolerate that level of abuse online, and   that they have our backs.

“We have done everything we can to stop these problems and hopefully people will understand now that it is important to be respectful, because it’s not okay to threaten people.”

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters says such incidents are taken very seriously.

He said, "The abuse Neal received is wholly unacceptable. We responded immediately to seek justice on his behalf, which in this case meant identifying the perpetrator, tracking them to where they live and then pursuing legal action accordingly.

"We take each report provided to us extremely seriously and we will use all possible resources in supporting our players and managers to investigate incidents, regardless of where the offender is located."