Potter: Foundations are in place

We’ll reflect then look forward, says head coach following Premier League survival on Monday.

By Bruce Talbot • 22 July 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Graham Potter has a pre-match chat with Newcastle manager Steve Bruce

Head coach Graham Potter believes strong foundations are in place which can enable Albion to kick on next season.

In his first season in the Premier League, Potter has secured a fourth successive campaign at this level with a game to spare, but it’s only the start of the journey for the manager, his staff and players.

“We had a very good foundation left here by Chris [Hughton] and we had to carry on from that,” said Potter.

“The Premier League is a tough competition, as I have said many times. And its been a unique season in terms of what we have had to deal with and for me personally it has been a challenge.

By Paul Hazlewood
Graham Potter gives instructions to his side during the drinks break against Newcastle United.

“But we have come through and now we can start building for next season, which is going to come around quickly.”

Potter says there still needs to be a period of reflection before planning starts in earnest for the new campaign.

“We will need a bit of time once it’s finished to analyse what we have done,” he added. “There have been times this season when we have played very well but haven’t got the points we deserved. Post-lockdown maybe we haven’t played as well but we got the points we needed.

“So going forward we need to find that balance between style and getting points because if you don’t get those right you don’t stay in the job very long.

“We have laid that foundation though, which was important when you transition from one manager to another. Doing that is always tricky, but we have made a good start.”


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