Albion As One help Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

The Albion As One fund has begun helping local charities who are working in the city and throughout Sussex to assist vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

By Bruce Talbot • 22 May 2020

The Albion As One fund has made a donation to the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

It’s first donation is to the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2003 who work to ensure everyone can eat, cook and grow healthy and affordable food.

The donation from Albion As One will help provide food parcels to residents across the city who have no money for food.

Director Vic Borrill said: “The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership is co-ordinating a citywide response to the Covid-19 response by working across the city to deliver emergency food parcels to people's doors.

“These are delivered to residents who have no money for food. Each week we are giving out approximately 600 parcels. Each parcel provides a range of nutritious food including fresh fruit and veg, pasta, milk, eggs and toiletries.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership will use the donation to provide 330 food parcels.

The donation from the Albion As One will fund 330 parcels and is a very welcome contribution.”

Albion As One kicked off last month with a six-figure contribution from the players and directors and so far more than £300,000 has been raised.

The club’s players and staff have selected a number of organisations based in Sussex, including charities for hospices, sick children, domestic abuse victims, bereavement care, foodbanks, homeless support and health workers – who will all benefit from the fund – alongside a contribution of approximately 20% to Albion in the Community.

To find out more about Brighton & Hove Food Partnership click here