Live Q&A to help you stay active and eat well at home

Health experts from Albion in the Community will be on hand to offer advice on staying active and eating healthily during lockdown.

By Richard Morris • 05 May 2020

A panel of health experts from Albion in the Community are hosting a live question and answer session on Facebook tomorrow [Wednesday].

They will share tips on the best ways to keep fit during lockdown and talk about the importance of eating healthily. Fans will also be given the chance to ask questions during the half-hour session, which starts at midday.

As part of its Together in the Community campaign, the club’s official charity is committed to helping people get active, stay well, and keep learning throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

And part of that commitment is holding regular online sessions and workshops for some of the thousands of people the charity supports each year.

Tomorrow’s health panel is aimed predominantly at families and the young people who would ordinarily be attending Albion in the Community’s weekly football sessions.

By Stuart Butcher
Albion in the Community are holding a well-being Q&A on Wednesday.

It will, however, contain helpful information for anyone looking to get more active at home or improve their diet. There will also be advice aimed at adults looking to stay fit at home.

Sue Brown, health manager at Albion in the Community, said, “We know that some people are finding it hard to stay active while at home, including young people who may usually play football or take part in other sports both in and out of school.

“Doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are both important in terms of looking after your physical and mental wellbeing. Our team can provide people with some useful information and ideas on how to stay well during lockdown.”

Fans can email questions in advance to: or ask them during the Facebook Live event by leaving a comment.

Anyone who would like to hear from the charity’s health experts simply needs to visit Albion in the Community’s Facebook page on Wednesday at midday.

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