Clubs doing their bit

Paul Barber believes Albion and clubs throughout the country are playing their part to help their local communities during the coronavirus crisis.

By Bruce Talbot • 05 May 2020

The club’s Albion As One initiative has already raised nearly £300,000 in less than a week after it was kicked off by a six-figure donation from the players, chief executive Barber and his fellow directors.

But it’s a similar story all over the country as the 91 Premier League and EFL clubs do their bit in their local communities by helping with a variety of schemes supporting charities and good causes. 

He said: “Almost all of the clubs are right at the heart of their community and do great work all the way through the year, but they have really come together during this crisis.

“I think without exception, players and clubs have done an amazing job during the last six or seven weeks that we have been in this situation.


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Murray on Albion As One initiative

“It’s a really important time for football clubs to play their part. From everything I have read and seen they are, including the players of course.

“As Glenn Murray said last week when we launched Albion As One, there’s a lot of goodwill and a lot good people who work in football and the players are very much part of that.

“We are only one industry of course and we can only do so much, but I think what we are doing is making a difference to people.”