Alzate happy to help at home

Albion midfielder on supporting coronavirus initiatives in Colombia.

By Alex Stedman • 30 April 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Albion midfielder Steven Alzate.

Steven Alzate is one of many Albion players who are doing their bit to help those less fortunate during the coronavirus crisis.

The 21-year-old recently gave his support to The Fundacion Alzates Premier in his native Colombia, which helps residents in the city of Villavicencio, where Alzate's father Hector was born.

He said, “The football foundation is run by my brother Lisandro with my Dad, it was set up for children in underprivileged areas in Colombia.

“We wanted to keep them away from things like crime and give them an opportunity, that’s how we started helping people in Villavicencio. 

“With everything that’s happening with coronavirus we also provided funds to help them get essentials and it’s taken on more importance. 

“The long-term plan was to help poorer families too. My donation will help them get the vital things they need during this difficult time.


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Alzate taking his chance

“My brother keeps me updated on the football academy side of things about how players are progressing too, which is nice. 

“I was one of those young players once, looking up to the stars of the Premier League and hoping I could be like them. I was looking to make steps in my career – it’s every child’s dream to play football. I’ve gone through what they’re going through. 

“My brother tells me there’s a lot of talent there and I hope some of them are able to make a career in the game.”