Bloom: This is a chance to re-evaluate

Albion chairman says coronavirus crisis could, and should, change the dynamics of football finance.

By Alex Stedman • 16 April 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Albion chairman Tony Bloom.

Tony Bloom believes that the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis could impact on how clubs spend their money in the future, as he outlined what he believes could be a watershed moment in football.

“There’s a chance for the sport to re-evaluate, certainly in terms of the salaries paid to players, and in an ideal world it would be less,” said Albion’s owner.   

“It’s very difficult for clubs to be profitable, most clubs make losses. It’s such a competitive market and in the Premier League the salaries are very high.

“We’ve got one of the lowest player salary amounts but it’s still a very high number. If that number was lower it would certainly make situations like this a lot easier, as well as making being profitable and sustainable easier. 

“At the moment a lot of our clubs are in danger of not only going into administration but going out of business completely. 

“We were all devastated when Bury went out of existence. We know how key clubs are to their communities, it’s a big concern going forward that more clubs will fold. Perhaps it needs something like this crisis to get across some significant and sustainable changes. I hope football will come together when this is all done.”


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Bloom and Barber Press Conference

Bloom also outlined how Albion’s executive team have planned for both short and long-term eventualities while there are no matches being played. 

"It's a really tough time for everyone. We've looked at the situation in the best way we can and tried to plan for whatever may happen next. [Chief executive] Paul Barber and the executive team have done a fantastic job. 

“People’s health comes first, and our thoughts are with everyone affected; health is very much the priority. But we want to finish the season - for the integrity of the league it would be good to do that - but there are significant issues as time goes on. 

“We’re waiting to hear from the government and the league as to what happens next, and we don’t know the timings on that. We just have to be prepared.”

By Paul Hazlewood
Paul Barber and Tony Bloom.

The chairman also emphasised how proud he was of all of the club’s staff for the work they are continuing to do in the local community. 

“Our staff have always stepped up to the plate. I’d like to pay tribute to the way they’ve continued to do their jobs as fantastic employees of the club. 

“I’m really proud of all of our staff, we’re trying to do everything we can in the community to lift their spirits at this difficult time. The club is so important to so many people in Sussex, so anything we can do to help we have been.”