My Albion memories: Rob Buckwell

Rob, an Albion fan for more than 40 years, tells us about his memories following the club.

By Bruce Talbot • 16 April 2020

Rob, middle of the back row, with family and friends who are all Albion fans.

When was your first game? What was the score? What can you remember about the game?

I’m pretty certain it was Brighton against Coventry in the 1979/80 season. I would have been six years old at the time and we drew 1-1.

I don’t remember too much about the game but I do remember standing on in the middle of the East Terrace on an old co-op milk crate and just being in awe of the huge number of people that and the roar of the crowd when we scored!

My earliest memory though was the Wolves game which of my memory serves me right was the following day and we won 3-0.

Who was your first Albion idol?

Michael Robinson. He was one of the best centre forwards to have ever played for the club and he always put in a real shift.

What is your favourite Albion game and why?

I could have gone for Hereford away but that was just stressful. The two FA Cup semis were special but for me it has to be the Wigan game when we were promoted to the Premier League. The game wasn’t great but the celebrations throughout that day and that feeling of celebrating in the North Stand when Derby drew with Huddersfield to seal promotion was unreal.

Which season stands out as your favourite?

It has to be the 2016/17 season - what a year!

Which are your favourite Albion home and away shirts?

I love the British Caledonian shirts. The home shirt from that year is my favourite. However, my favourite away shirt was the “pink” shirt from the 1989-91 seasons. I still have both the home and away shirts from that era.

What is your all-time Albion XI?

Beeney; Calderon, Dunk, Foster, Lawrenson, Case, Wilson, Penney, Knockaert, Zamora, Murray.

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