Barber praise as club staff offer to take pay cuts

Chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber has praised club staff who have volunteered to follow his lead by offering to take a pay cut to ease the financial burden on the club during the coronavirus crisis.

By Bruce Talbot • 11 April 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber.

Barber, technical director Dan Ashworth and head coach Graham Potter have already taken voluntary pay cuts for the next three months and Barber said other staff had come forward to help.

He said, “I have been humbled by the amount of people that have come forward to offer a salary reduction or cut.

“Nobody at the club has asked them to do it but they have seen the situation we are facing and wanted to help. [Club owner] Tony Bloom’s reaction was typical. He hasn’t taken up any requests and he is bearing the financial responsibility on his shoulders, but we are doing all we can to minimise our costs to try and ease the burden on Tony.

“We have stopped all non-essential work and reduced the people required at the stadium and training ground to a skeleton staff. We have furloughed staff in Albion in the Community but furlough for the remainder of the staff is at the end of a long line of things we can do to reduce costs further, but we can’t rule it out and our staff are aware of this.”

Barber said that discussions with Glenn Murray and Lewis Dunk, who are representing the players, on possible wage cuts and deferrals have been positive and are ongoing.


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Barber & Ashworth press conference

“They have been very helpful and very understanding of the situation our club is facing. We will see where that gets us, but at the same time respect that players have contracts which are guaranteed. We are just trying to find a way through that which suits everyone.

“We have been very transparent with them about the club's finances, which is something the PFA have requested. We were already forecasting to lose quite a large amount of money during the 2019/20 season. And the crisis, however it will unfold, will no doubt create even greater losses.

“They can see that if they did make a contribution how much that would go towards supporting the jobs of their colleagues in the club. I know they support and value those people very much.

“The other thing to say is our players have made significant collective and personal donations off their own bat over the past week or so to a number of different local charities including an NHS health and wellbeing fund, a homeless charity, a foodbank and also to a children’s hospice.

“They know this is a serious crisis, not just for communities but also for charities who rely on donations. Our players have taken it upon themselves to get involved with those good causes which, as a club, we are very proud of.”