Potter: A small but important gesture

Graham Potter says that taking a pay cut, along with Paul Barber and Dan Ashworth, for the next three months felt right.

By Alex Stedman • 02 April 2020

By James Boardman.
Graham Potter speaks to the media.

The news was announced earlier today as the head coach, chief executive and technical director made the decision to support chairman Tony Bloom’s significant efforts to protect all jobs at the club and its charity arm Albion in the Community.

He said, “I spoke with Tony Bloom a couple of weeks ago, and I just felt like a normal thing to offer him because he has been good to me. 

“I know the pressure he is under as a chairman and the challenges he faces. It is a small thing we can do but I think it was an important offer. 

“Tony being Tony said, ‘Thank you very much but, at the moment we are working through things.’ 

“As things have moved forward, I think we have come to the right decision to do what we have done.”


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Barber & Potter press conference

Potter says he hasn’t spoken to his players about the decision. 

“The players are aware of the situation, but I haven’t discussed it with them.

“I know they have made their own private charitable donations without any direction from us and they have done that off their own bat.

“I am sure they will be willing the help the football club. It is up to them and the PFA [Professional Footballers Association] to come to the right conclusions."


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Potter was asked about the possible implementation of pay cuts by players across the Premier League. 

“You can understand the criticism, but on the other hand footballers and the Premier League contribute to the treasury in an enormous way as well. 

“We are in a really difficult situation with a global pandemic ongoing and we want to try and do the right thing as a collective, as a humanity. I am pretty sure football will come to those same conclusions. 

“Players have got to make that call themselves. I am my own person and I have made this decision for me, for my family, for where I sit at the football club."

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