Gibbons: On our own, but still together

Albion players might be training on their own at the moment, but defender Fliss Gibbons says they still feel very much part of the squad.

By Bruce Talbot • 01 April 2020

By Kyle Hemsley
Fliss Gibbons takes the ball forward.

The women’s squad get together four times a week on Zoom for an intensive training session and each has an individual training programme to complete daily, with Fern Whelan, Ellie Brazil and Laura Rafferty all involved as part of their rehabilitation from long-term injuries.

She said, “It’s quite a confusing time, but I do feel I have a structure in my day which I still plan the night before.

“Four times a week we do an online gym session and, in the afternoon, I will go out and do a pitch session on my own. I don’t have the luxury of a home gym or an indoor swimming pool so you have to make the best of a difficult situation.

“I have some equipment I can use, the club are sending everyone a static bike and other equipment and access to online fitness sessions is good at the moment.

“I can train outside and not be within 20 metres of anyone else. I’m on my own for an hour and get the work done. It’s a makeshift session but it works.


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Powell & Gibbons press conference

“We also stay in contact on our WhatsApp group, the same as we would with family and friends, just checking that they are okay, especially the girls from abroad who are away from their families at the moment.”

Gibbons believes Albion will be ready for action quickly once the FA give clubs the green light to resume the Women’s Super League. Albion also have a home FA Cup quarter-final against Birmingham City to look forward to as well.

“All the teams are in the same position. We won’t be in any worse shape physically because of the programmes we have been given, but there is more to life than football and it’s important that it takes a back seat at the moment.  

“The situation with coronavirus has put everything into perspective. When I see what a brilliant job that key workers like nurses and doctors do it makes me realise that I’m very lucky to do what I do. Most people involved in the game feel the same. We’d like to finish the league this season, but people’s health comes first.”

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