Bruno is happy to help

There’s not much that hasn’t already been said about legendary former Albion defender Bruno.

By Alex Stedman • 21 March 2020

By Paul Hazlewood
Former Albion defender Bruno.

The Spaniard, who made over 300 appearances for the Seagulls, will undoubtedly go down in club folklore. It’s therefore no surprise that he’s doing everything he can in these uncertain times to give back to those around him who are less fortunate as the country deals with the coronavirus crisis.  

He said, “We’re lucky in Brighton to have such a thoughtful and kind community. We have many charities that look after those who may be more vulnerable in society. 

“I myself have been trying to help older members of my community and those that live on my road.

“I also want to help small businesses too. There are some really good initiatives. I’m counting the money I would spend in small coffee shops and restaurants where I’d go normally go.

“When things are back to normal, I am going to go and give the money to them. There are a lot of people who’ll keep earning the same money at home, and I’m counting what I’d use if my life was normal and will give that to those who are struggling a little bit at the moment.”

Bruno now forms part of Graham Potter’s coaching staff after a transition from player to coach in the summer. The 39-year-old hung up his boots against Manchester City on the final day of last season and spoke about adapting to his new role. 

“I’ve been working and analysing matches to try and keep improving and to find answers to improve the team,” he added.

“As a coach that’s my job, and at this time it’s important to keep reflecting on yourself and what you do to see how you can get better.”

Bruno also reflected on how the world might have a different outlook once things return to normality. 

“It’s a situation that our generation has never faced before. I think we all got through different times in something like this,” he added. 

“It’s funny to see people complaining now about having ‘too much time’ on their hands, whereas before people would say that they barely had time to do anything!

“Now we’re at home and we can do lots of things. It’s a time to self-reflect as a society.

“I hope and I’m sure that as a community, city and a country we can get stronger for this experience, it will be a big lesson for all of us.” 

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