Bruno's amazing coaching journey

Bruno is five months into his new position as senior player development coach, and he spoke about how he has progressed in the role by working closely alongside Graham Potter, Billy Reid and Bjorn Hamberg.

By James Hilsum • 16 November 2019

By Paul Hazlewood
Bruno on the training pitch.

'El Capitan' has become an integral part of Potter’s coaching set-up, and has gained a keen insight into what is involved in being a coach at the highest level.

He said, “I’m really happy with my new role, as it’s a very interesting position that allows me to help and learn a lot from the head coach and his staff.

“I feel like I’m learning something new every day, and everything has been so positive, especially because I can see the boys improving their game and adapting to a new philosophy.

“I’m also learning what goes in to managing a team and the tactics involved. I’m understanding how difficult it is to be on top of everything because you have to deal with lots of situations. Every day we prepare a number of different training sessions, which takes a lot of time to do.

“It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’m really thankful to Graham, Billy and Bjorn for allowing me to take the lead on a number of sessions. They’ve been amazing with me and allowed me to be myself as a coach, and to learn from them.”

By Paul Hazlewood
Bruno with Billy Reid.

On a matchday, the Spaniard chooses to view the game from the press box, and he spoke about the importance of having a different perspective to that of Potter, Reid and Hamberg, who are lower down in the dugout.

“I think it’s the best position for me to be in. We also have a camera up top in almost the roof of the stadium and it’s great to have different views of the game.

“When you are down by the pitch, it’s very easy to miss a lot of things. You can see more in the higher positions, and it allows to me to offer another opinion compared to that of Graham, Billy and Bjorn.

“They will listen to what I have to say, and I’ll always relay my opinion when I can.”

By Paul Hazlewood
Bruno with Graham Potter and Bjorn Hamberg.

Bruno also has praise for the way in which his teammates have adapted to a completely different style of play under the new head coach.

“The team has been outstanding, as they have all adapted brilliantly to the challenges of finding a new way to play football.

“They were very open minded and it is never easy to be taken out of your comfort zone, regardless of what you do in life.

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“They have taken on all the challenges very well, and the way they have played should be reflected with more points in the table. We haven’t played well in a couple of games, and we’re more disappointed in the way we lost them rather than the results themselves.

“We like to take control of the game, and in the Premier League it’s not always possible because of the level of opposition we’re facing, but we always try to play our style against any team.”

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