Albion support Amazon fan art crest competition

To celebrate Amazon Prime video streaming its first-ever Premier League matches this season, they have teamed up with Talenthouse and are calling on fans to create eye-catching artwork using a Premier League crest.

By James Hilsum • 23 August 2019

Albion are support fan art competition run by Amazon.

One Albion player will help to decide the winning entries from shortlisted designs, and a minimum of 15 and up to 20 will see theirs shared across the club’s and Amazon’s social channels. What’s more, each selected piece of work will receive £1,000 prize money!

Please read Amazon’s submission guidelines below.

  • Create bold and eye-catching work that brings the spirit of football to life
  • Use one of these Premier League club crest templates, and use the space around it to create your design – don't redesign the club crest itself
  • Your design can be any colour but should complement the colours of the club crest you're using
  • Create striking artwork that will get people excited to watch the team play
  • You're welcome to be inspired by things unique to a club e.g. their nickname or personality
  • Only use one club crest template per submission – feel free to create work for multiple crests, but please submit them separately - you can submit up to 10 in total
  • Check out this mood board inspiration
  • Amazon would love you to share your work across social media! Please tag @primevideosport @primevideouk and use #primesports #pl so they can see and potentially share your work
  • Please respect the club's crests – don't adapt or change a crest. Use the space around the crest for your design – a small amount of your design may sit on top of a crest, but the crest should still be easily visible
  • You may use text in your design – please only use English
  • You can create people to include in your work, but please ensure they don't have a likeness to anyone real and that they look over 18 years of age
  • Your work may be used for print or out of home marketing, so consider that it may need to be adapted to suit portrait or landscape orientations
  • All submissions should be digitally created as layered files in AI or PSD format (min. 300dpi)
  • Use the club crest template as a background, and add your design onto it as separate layers. Amazon may need to swap the crest for a more high-resolution version should the work be used for large scale marketing e.g. billboards
  • Don't include references to any real people (e.g. players), dangerous situations, other brands, show/imply alcohol or drunkenness, or anything offensive 


Click here to submit your entry.

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