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Albion Fans Unaffected By Season-ticket Loan Changes

By Paul Camillin • 01 April 2019

Brighton & Hove Albion fans who take advantage of the club’s interest-free, direct debit payment scheme to pay for their season-tickets will not be affected by reported changes at the banks who underwrite many other club’s season-ticket loans to supporters. 

A report in yesterday’s Sunday Times suggests that up to 100,000 football fans across the country could be affected by the changes, but Albion chief executive Paul Barber has reassured fans that Albion’s scheme will be unaffected. 

Barber said, “The club underwrites our interest-free monthly payment scheme for supporters. Our chairman Tony Bloom is committed to making it as easy as possible for our fans to buy their season-tickets, without interest, credit checks or charges to supporters. 

“By doing this in house, it means we are not affected by these reported changes. Fans can help us ensure this scheme runs smoothly by keeping bank details up to date, and ensuring funds are available to cover payments each month.”

Meanwhile Barber says a new annual direct debit has proved popular with lump-sum payers. 

He added, “Our research showed that we have many supporters who wanted to sign up for the hassle-free auto-renew option but wanted to pay in one lump sum. By offering this option, we’ve been able to provide fans with this option, and cut down on administration for both fans and the club.”

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